About Us

Schatts Eyewear is a small company founded by husband-and-wife John & Jaymie, who are passionate about wearing sunglasses.

They decided to start this business because they love wearing sunglasses. They feel that they will never find anything that will upgrade their outfit more than a pair of stylish and classic sunglasses. When they wear them, it adds anonymity and gives off a mysterious effect.

They focused on the concept of foldable sunglasses because, as someone who uses sunglasses every day as part of their wardrobe, the lenses getting damaged has always been their dilemma since they don't come with cases that can easily fit small purses and pockets.

To pursue their dream of establishing their own eyewear company, they partnered with an international top-notch manufacturer that have gained good reputation from their global partners in the US and EU regions. With their partner's careful R&D and specialties in acetate, metal & titanium optical frames, Schatts Eyewear promises world-class quality eyewear at a reasonable price while maintaining the utmost satisfaction of every customer



We are committed to being an integral part of every Filipino's quest for fashion and style. We aim to become a trusted brand and be recognized for our quality products at a reasonable cost while maintaining the utmost satisfaction of every customer.


Our vision is to become a household name for quality sunglasses, to become a go-to shop and fashion-problem-solving brand for every Filipino.